Current U.S. foreign policies bring America back into "a selfish state": British newspaper

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"There is no demand for isolation," the article said. "There is plenty for a focus on interests over values. Mr. Trump's is the first (and therefore the worst) attempt to service that demand."

"For all their shock value, that is what his foreign policies amount to: the restoration of the U.S. as a selfish state among selfish states," said the article, entitled "America can no longer carry the world on its shoulders."

"Because he is so peculiar, we cannot credit that Donald Trump's project is the normalisation of his own country," the Financial Times newspaper said in the signed article on the newspaper's opinion page.

LONDON, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- The foreign policies of U.S. President Donald Trump amounted to "the restoration of the U.S. as a selfish state" and "this realpolitik can be self-defeating," a signed article published by a major British newspaper said Thursday.

Trump's decision in June last year to pull the United States out of the climate agreement, the landmark global accord, has sparked a wave of anger and dismay at home and also a chorus of disapproval abroad.

The current U.S. foreign policy "misses the national interests that are served through such nominally high-minded works as the Paris climate accord," it said.